Kumah has been at rest since the dawn of time, yet she has continued to keep an eye on her children. Her children are in danger and it’s up to the Grand Shaman to seek Kumah's wisdom. Kumah must, therefore, find a way to remind him of the Kayuushi legend.


For thousands of years Kumah’s children lived following the rhythm of the earth. It was like paradise - the land, water, and sky providing for all their physical and spiritual needs. Each tribe had its own customs. They fought for land and supplies, but most of the time they lived in peace.

Now, their world is being destroyed by the invading hordes supported by the empire’s army. In order to fight off the invaders, the elders’ councils have come to realize that all the tribes, with all their differences and animosity, must come together. This, however, seems like an almost impossible task as there is no common purpose that can unify the tribes to fight as one.

The Grand Shaman sees a message from Kumah that reminds him of the Kayuushi legend - a story of a hero who through his own sacrifice saved humanity. By recalling this legend, the tribes now have a shared purpose uniting them as warriors to overthrow the invaders. The Kayuushi Warriors are born.

The Grand Shaman has initiated the recruitment of the Kayuushi Warriors in the sacred island. A warrior must be strong but also smart as they face a well armed enemy. To prove their worth they must go on a journey full of pain and peril. Respects must be paid to Kayuushi to show their commitment to the cause. The stakes are high and the fight is close so time is going against the Kayuushi cause.

You can become a Kayuushi and fight for a just cause along with the many other warriors. Start your journey in the company of The Grand Shaman who will guide you along the way. He is in constant contact with Kumah and will help you in this perilous and difficult journey.