Phase 1

1,500 out of a total of 10,000 Kayuushis released

  • Release first puzzle!
    • First 300 people to solve the puzzle will win a token (early access + 20% discount)

    • Top 20 players who solve the puzzle the fastest will win a token

  • Place first lot of resources towards research for the book
  • Prepare for Phase 2

Phase 2

5,500 additional Kayuushis released for a total of 7,000

  • Release second puzzle!
    • Top ten players who solve the puzzle the fastest will be awarded one unreleased Kayuushi + other prizes (to be announced at a later time)

  • Release presale of Phase 2 with preferential access to Kayuushi owners
  • Add resources to book release

Phase 3

Remaining 3,000 Kayuushis released (Special Edition)

  • Release events and challenges for Kayuushi owners
    • 1,000 tokens will be awarded for early access

  • Release mini game. The game will allow you to select some features of your new Kayuushi.