Q.: Why should I buy a Kayuushi?

  • Kayuushis are never before seen NFTs. They have all been hand drawn and all the parts are mixed in a way that creates separate identities for each character. Furthermore, they were created using our own mixing engine with its own language to help us mix and match each of the Kayuushi’s characteristics with greater ease.
  • Kayuushis are characters from a book that is in the process of being written.
  • We are constantly working to provide context and support for the characters through videos, challenges, etc., making the Kayuushi’s a very special NFT.
  • Become a part of a community of Kayuushi Warriors.
  • Receive access to challenges for a chance to win more NFTs or SOL.
  • Receive preferential access for Phase 2 and 3 release of the Kayuushis.
  • Receive preferential access to the book once it’s available (with proof of Kayuushi ownership).

Q.: What can I do with a Kayuushi?

  • You can treat it as you would a work of art.
  • You own the Kayuushi that you buy, however, we maintain ownership of the Kayuushi brand, story, and all future developments.

What is the cost of energy to mint a Kayuushi?

Kilowatt Hour/tx Electricity cost / tx $
Bitcoin 951.58 119.42
Ethereum 42.8633 5.379
XRP 0.0079 0.00099145
Paper Currency 0.044 0.005522
Visa 0.0008 0.0001004
Mastercard 0.0006 0.0000753
15w Bulb 1minute 0.00025 0.0000314
Kayuushi Mint 0.000000274 0.0000000344
Source: https://xrpl.org/carbon-calculator.html

Q.: Why is the energy use of minting a Kayuushi so low?

Energy use is an extremely important topic in our society. As a result, as we move into more digital endeavours, we must not only innovate with the technology, but also improve on the ways we consume resources. After intensive research we decided to work with Solana, as it is the most efficient blockchain in terms of cost, speed, and energy consumption.

Q.: What tools did you use to create the Kayuushi?

Each Kayuushi is built from hundreds of different pieces. Every piece was initially hand drawn. Then, we used various tools to transform the drawings from sketches to the final form you can now see. We then developed a software program from scratch to randomly assemble all the different pieces together. This program has its own internal language where we can define where each piece goes and how it interacts with the other ones. In total, this has been a six-month long project so far, with hopes that it will continue to develop as we go.

If you would like more information. Please contact us by email at info@kayuushiwarrior.com or through our Discord.

Q.: Where does the concept for the Kayuushi’s come from?

We started this project as a way to introduce characters in an upcoming book. This idea was developed with one particular character in mind: Kayuushi. As we evolved the idea, we tried to both generate a clear representation of the character while also allowing for new possibilities for future adventures. Balancing these two components proved to be a challenge from the start. Read more to learn about this challenge and how we were able to overcome it.

Q.: Will you develop more characters from the book?

Yes! If successful, we would be honoured to develop and release more characters in the future.