How did the Kayuushi Warriors come to be?

We thought it would be a great idea to take advantage of NFTs to promote the book. Then, we decided to continue developing the Kayuushis as a character with it’s own characteristics and complexities.

The story itself was taken directly from the book, however, a few adjustments had to be made when converting the story to NFTs. We needed to provide context, while at the same time not reveal an excess amount of information. Therefore, we decided to highlight each warrior’s individuality by escalating the level of detail regarding their tribes, weapons, and roles.

We developed our own mixing engine to keep up with the complexity that started unfolding. This engine has its own language that allows us to integrate all different parts that form each warrior. At the same time it is constantly adding individuality at the lowest level possible, such as it would be in the real world. An example is that even if two elements are the same, if you look closely you will see that the two materials have differences. This is a constant throughout the entire collection.

What does the future hold for the Kayuushis?

As we worked on this project and increased its depth and quality, we realized that we needed to prepare for the future. The book of course will be our first priority, but it is increasingly difficult to not imagine a future for the Kayuushi. Having a lot of supporting stories it is clear that building on the NFT’s, developing an RPG game, and building Kumah’s Land would also be part of our next steps. We are still trying to work out the details of how this would unfold. But we already provided a glimpse of the possibilities in our presentation of the Kayuushis.